What Are The Effects of Asbestos on Your Health?

Since destroying the asbestos fibers are extremely difficult to do, the human body can’t remove or break them down as soon as they are placed in our body tissues or lungs. They will stay in a place where they could possibly pose health diseases. The following 3 major diseases can possibly be obtained due to the exposure of asbestos. To know them more in detail, keep on reading this article: 


Asbestosis is a respiratory disease that’s chronic, serious and non-cancerous. Once the asbestos fibers are inhaled, it could aggravate our lung tissues and this can lead to scarring. The asbestosis’ signs and symptoms include a dry crackling sound in the lungs as one inhales or shortness of breath. If this disease has advanced, the disease could result in cardiac failure. 

For asbestosis, there’s still not approved and effective ways to treat it. This only means that this disease is commonly fatal or disabling. The danger of asbestosis is only minimized for those individuals who don’t work with asbestos because this type of disease is hardly ever caused by family or neighborhood exposure. Those who demolish or renovate buildings that have asbestos might be in danger. But the severity of the risk depends on the precautions taken and the nature of the exposure.  

Lung Cancer 

This type of cancer is one of the major reasons why fatalities due to the exposure of asbestos increased. Usually, the higher chances of getting lung cancer to happen to those individuals who are directly involved in manufacturing, milling, mining and utilizing asbestos and its products. The most typical indicators of lung cancer contain a change in breathing and coughing. Other signs include anemia, hoarseness, persistent chest pains, and shortness of breath. 

People who haven’t been close to asbestos are exposed to a few types of carcinogens—like the smoke from the cigarette. Carcinogen poses a significantly higher possibility of having lung cancer compared to those individuals who are only exposed to asbestos. A study has shown that those who are working with asbestos, which smokes, have approximately 90 times the possibility to develop lung cancer compared to those individuals who are neither exposed to asbestos nor smoke. 


This is a type of cancer that rarely happens and this commonly takes place in the thin membrane lining of the abdomen, chest, lungs, and (rarely) heart. In the United States, nearly 200 cases are diagnosed per year. Almost all mesothelioma cases are associated with exposure to asbestos. About 2% of all textile workers and miners who are involved in working with asbestos, and 10% of gas masks that contain asbestos, contract mesothelioma.  

Those people who work in asbestos factories and mills, shipyards that utilize asbestos, those who work in asbestos mines, and those people who install and manufacture asbestos insulation, have a greater risk of having mesothelioma. 

So, if you can see any signs of asbestos within your home, it would be best to never try to touch or disrupt it and reach the professionals in this field instead. Professional asbestos removal providers can help you remove all types of asbestos such as Artex asbestos and others. Call us now.